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D – 8 months ago

The rooms are spacious
If there's a place where modern design dances with nature's elegance, it's this Highland Cottage. The rooms are spacious, the views impeccable, and the lake's proximity is the cherry on top.

L – 8 months ago

Modern Highland Cottage
Every corner of the Modern Highland Cottage is a testament to refined taste. Staying close to the lake, in such elegant comfort, felt like a dream. The five bedrooms are designed to perfection, ensuring a regal stay.

M – 8 months ago

A scenic retreat in the heart of the Highlands!
A scenic retreat in the heart of the Highlands! The cottage, with its five lavish bedrooms and stunning lake proximity, was the highlight of our trip. Modern luxury set amidst enchanting nature.

O – 9 months ago

It's a tranquil slice of paradise.
From its contemporary design to the pristine lake views, the Modern Highland Cottage delivers on every front. Five beautifully designed bedrooms made our stay exceptionally comfortable. It's a tranquil slice of paradise.

P – 9 months ago

Truly a highland jewel!
Truly a highland jewel! The cottage boasts modern design, spacious rooms, and a stunning lake view that captures the essence of the Scottish Highlands. Our stay was a delightful blend of luxury and nature.

Q – 9 months ago

Unparalleled in beauty and comfort
Unparalleled in beauty and comfort, this Highland Cottage is a treasure. Its modern design, combined with the serenity of the adjacent lake, creates an ambiance of tranquility and luxury. Each bedroom is a sanctuary of relaxation.

R – 10 months ago

Our stay at the Modern Highland Cottage
Our stay at the Modern Highland Cottage was a dream come true. The bedrooms are plush and spacious, and the lake nearby offers a serene ambiance. The cottage wonderfully marries modern aesthetics with Highland's natural beauty.

S – 10 months ago

Nestled in the heart of the Highlands
Nestled in the heart of the Highlands, this cottage is a luxurious escape. Each of the five bedrooms exudes comfort and style, and the views of the neighboring lake are simply breathtaking. A perfect blend of modern design in a classic setting.

V – 10 months ago

Having stayed in many cottages
Having stayed in many cottages, the Modern Highland Cottage stands out. Five spacious bedrooms, each crafted with a unique touch, and its proximity to the picturesque lake made our holiday truly memorable. An epitome of modern luxury amidst nature.

A – 10 months ago

One word: mesmerizing!
One word: mesmerizing! Every room in the cottage speaks of intricate design blending with the charm of the Highlands. Being so close to the lake added a therapeutic touch to our stay. An impeccable haven of relaxation and beauty.